Natural pillow Botanica

Natural pillow Botanica Tencel ®

39,90 € with VAT

Natural antibacterial and anti-allergic protection based on natural basis.

Great humidity control.

Also suitable for allergy sufferers. The materials used do not cause or aggravate allergies.



Pillow size: 70 x 90 cm or 50 x 70 cm

Surface fabrics: 100% lyocell satin - Botanica Tencel®

    • Extremely soft lyocell satin fabric for contact with the skin.

Filling: 100% lyocell - layer of Botanica Tencel ®  fleece

          + 100% polyester - hollow fiber in the form of flakes (500g)

  • Hollow conjugated lyocell fiber in the form of flakes, which guarantees flexibility and dimensional stability of the pillow. The amount of filling can be adjusted according to individual needs thanks to the zipper on the pillow.

Washing: Machine wash, recommended wash temperature is 60 ° C.

Normal mechanical action, rinsing and spinning.

You can maintain the load-bearing capacity of the pillow filling by shaking and ventilating it several times a year.

Warranty: 2 years

Accessory: sewing with zip


Made in textile Áčko a.s. Ružomberok - Rybárpole



Lyocell is a unique nanofiber that immediately absorbs the resulting moisture and quickly dissipates back into the environment. This makes the microclimate of the bed pleasantly dry throughout the night. Compared to TENCEL ™ Lyocell, it absorbs 50% more moisture (see graph: blue color - moisture), polyester does not absorb moisture almost at all.



TENCEL ™ Lyocell is a material that reduces the growth of bacteria on a natural basis and completely without chemical additives. The key to the antibacterial properties is the perfect and immediate removal of moisture inside the fiber. This does not create a water film between the skin and the bedding, where harmful substances can grow.

TENCEL ™ Lyocell fiber is universal. That's why there is a complete range of TENCEL-Lyocell products for peaceful sleep.



Compared to other fibers, TENCEL ™ Lyocell fiber is softer, softer and smoother. More and more people
especially children, responds sensitively to environmental influences through skin problems. At an alarming rate
an increasing number of people have skin conditions such as Neurodermitis and Psoriasis. The combination of properties such as moisture control, mild cooling effect and smooth surface, prevents skin irritation and maintains its pH in balance.



TENCEL ™ Lyocell is a naturally hygienic material. Thanks to its properties, it prevents the growth and reproduction of mites, the formation of unpleasant odors and mold.

Producer: Áčko a.s. Ružomberok - Rybárpole

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