Quilt Botanica 140x220

Botanica Quilt 140 x 220 cm

77,90 € with VAT

Product Description:

Filling: 100% lyocell - TENCEL, Bioclima branding cloth

Surface: soft and comfortable Tencel® fabric

Dimensions: 140 cm x 220 cm

Product features:

  • Natural antibacterial protection based on a natural base
  • Great humidity control
  • Also suitable for allergy sufferers. The materials used do not cause or aggravate allergies.


Tencel® is a unique nanofibre that instantly absorbs moisture and quickly takes it back to the environment. This makes the bed microclimate pleasantly dry throughout the night. Compared to Cotton, Tencel® absorbs 50% more moisture (see graph: blue color - moisture), polyester does not absorb moisture almost at all.


Tencel® is a material that reduces bacterial growth on a natural basis and completely free of chemical additives. The key to antibacterial properties is the perfect and immediate removal of moisture into the interior of the fiber. There is no consequence between the item and the bedding
an aquatic film where they can grow health
Tencel® fiber is versatile. Therefore, there is a complete range of Tencel® products for restful sleep.


Compared to other fibers, Tencel® fiber is finer, softer and smoother. More and more people,
especially children, responds sensitively to the environmental effects of skin problems. Alarm speed
the number of people with skin diseases such as Neurodermitis and Psoriasis (psoriasis) is rising. Combining features such as moisture control, gentle cooling effect and smooth surface, prevents irritation of the skin and maintains its balance in the balance.


Tencel® is naturally hygienic material. Thanks to its properties it prevents the growth and reproduction of mites, the formation of unpleasant odors and molds.

Wash: 60 ° C

Warranty: 2 years

Producer: Áčko a.s. Ružomberok - Rybárpole

FREE SHIPPING 140 / 220 cm

Prať na 60°C

Prať na 60°C


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