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Sleeping bags for children.

Are you looking for the right thing for your baby's peaceful sleep? Come with us to see the collection of our sleeping bags. Children's sleeping bags with soft filling for comfortable sleeping of your little ones.

Your baby's peaceful and undisturbed sleep is essential for his healthy development, but if the baby sleeps, you will also sleep. Therefore, take a moment to choose the right sleeping bags.

Although these bags, designed primarily for newborns, we also offer dimensions up to a height of 110 cm. We make sleeping bags only from high-quality and carefully selected materials, so that they do not endanger the health of our loved ones.

In the production of children's bags, we use a filling made of hollow 3D fiber, which guarantees the correct airiness, but also the warmth of the bag, in addition, this filling is naturally anti-allergic.

However, the cover of the sleeping bag is made of high-quality combed cotton yarns, which are gentle on sensitive baby skin.

Colors and designs are just as important when choosing a baby bag as quality materials. That's why we always bring you the latest designs that will brighten up any children's eyes. In addition, we also produce a whole set of children's products in the same design, such as a baby mantinel, bed linen or a changing mat.



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