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Children´s quilts

Take a look at our offer of quality anti-allergic stilts for the little ones. Quilts made of harmless materials and with full-area stitching for perfect flow of quilts.

Are you looking for the right quilt for your branch, but you don't know what to bounce off?

We bring you a wide range of anti-allergic duvets in the size of 100x135 cm, which will accompany your child during daily rest.

Quality materials are paramount for us and therefore we only use textiles that do not worsen or cause allergies. If you are looking for a special quilt for your little treasure, we recommend the Asthma Friendly quilt, which is clinically tested at the National Institute for Pediatric Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases.

An airy and light bedspread is guaranteed to be the right one for a baby, because children don't like a very hot environment for their sleep, but you don't even have to worry about it getting cold. Our quilts contain a filling made of hollow 3D fiber, which is an excellent insulator and ensures the maintenance of a stable microclimate during the sleep of your little ones.

So shh, shh. You can start looking for the right popcorn for your child.


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