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Are you looking for bedding for children older than 3 years in the latest designs and vivid colors? We offer a wide selection of bed linen in the size of 140x200 cm, which are designed for a regular quilt and pillow.

Choosing bed linen for children is not easy, because it depends not only on the color or design that your child will be interested in. You also need to shine a light on choosing the right textile material in which your child will fall asleep every night.

Our bedding for juniors are made of high-quality combed cotton yarn, which is characterized by excellent absorbency, thanks to which it creates an ideal microclimate during your baby's sleep.

Since children after the third year of life usually fall asleep in a bed of classic dimensions, our sheets are also adapted to an ordinary quilt and pillow and are therefore made in the size of 70x90 / 140x200 cm.

To make sure that our products do not contain any harmful substances, they are regularly inspected by responsible testing laboratories, as evidenced by our OEKO-TEX® quality certificate, which indicates the high quality of our products.

So let's light up the eyes of our little ones together.



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