Antiallergic pillow Canada

Pillow suitable for allergy sufferers.

14,90 € with VAT

With a zipper, the possibility of adjusting the filling / harder or softer, you can adjust yourself according to your own needs.

  • The pillow with summer and winter side optimizes the microclimate during sleep.
  • The summer side of the pillow for the warm season: a pleasantly cooling microphase.
  • Winter side of the pillow for the cold season: Micro Velvet plush, exceptionally warm compared to other fabrics.
  • Also suitable for allergy sufferers. The materials used do not cause or aggravate allergies.



Pillow size: 70 x 90 cm alor 50 x 70 cm

Color: champagne

Surface fabric: 100% polyester - Micro Velvet

  • Pleasantly soft plush made of fine microfiber. Thanks to the fine hair, the upper side of the fabric is pleasantly soft and warm when in contact with the skin.

Filling: 100% polyester

    • Branded hollow three-dimensional fiber in the form of flakes.
  • ŠThe structure of the hollow fiber ensures a high thermal insulation capacity, because the air inside the fiber acts as an insulator and the pillow is therefore warm.

Washing: Machine wash, recommended wash temperature is 60 ° C.

Normal mechanical action, rinsing and spinning.

You will maintain the load capacity of the pillow filling if you wash it at least once a year.

Warranty: 2 years


Made in textile Áčko a.s. Ružomberok - Rybárpole

Producer: Áčko a.s. Ružomberok - Rybárpole


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